09 January 2018

right now

I was planning to write about some of the stuff that never made it to the blog last year. I started and then got shunted into the sidings when my mum came out of hospital and now I've hit the buffers. She is barely mobile, spends most of her time in a hospital bed, clarity has been interrupted by delirium as she has yet another chest infection. The plan is to sleep over until she becomes more settled and mobile. Even though careers come four time a day, there are times when she is on her own while I dash out to tick off the long list of things that need buying, collecting, doing. The promised cleaner has never materialised, and sometimes the carers go on the m missing list too. No wifi, a few runs back and forth to home, a dash into the local Idea Store to use their facilities - much more stressful than a "proper job". What's more this is looking like a long term project. So like the weather, the forecast is somewhat foggy. I was rather hoping my resolution word for 2018 would be more hopeful, energetic, bright.. I'm still working on it. Meanwhile here are the tete-a-tete forcing their way into the light through the winter-chilled stony, craggy soil this time last year. The were lovely when they blossomed. A bit of a metaphor perhaps.