12 February 2017


I got a new camera. I got a new laptop. It took a while to get to grips with the camera, and the laptop - the software has changed, not too much but enough to have to get used to it again. The domain name for my blog expired at the same time and it has taken me several attempts to work out how to reestablish it. I suspect I'm going to overcharged because they seem to think I'm a business and I'm not. I can't upload pictures from my laptop to my blog without going through a big rigmarole.  Oh, the frustration.. Is it me? Mostly. Would it be easier to start again elsewhere? Probably. Will I? Possibly.

Meanwhile, here is a picture taken a few days ago from the top of the bus a few nights ago. It was a very cold, wet evening, and there were rain drops on the windows blurring the wet road, the traffic and the lights.  I had just come out from the cinema having seen Manchester on Sea - such a treat going to the cinema on a winter's afternoon, coming out and travelling in the dark, looking forward to getting home. And that is where we have been spending a most of our evenings -  cooking, eating, reading, listening to the radio and shouting at it occasionally, trying new recipes, working our way through the mystery frozen foods in the freezer, making cocoa. It has been a quiet pleasure, a holiday at home, an escape from the hubbub. We'll have to rouse ourselves soon. The snowdrops are out.


ALoadofOldTat said...

Sounds idyllic.

colleen said...

Hello there!
I must admit, it seems like a quiet time was just what we needed.

rusty duck said...

It isn't you. Just spent the whole evening trying to rearrange the footer on the blog only for the damn thing to go briefly blank and then revert back to where it was before. Flung arms up, tore hair out and gave up in frustration. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe not.

VP said...

I love your photo - the lights look like fireworks.

Sorry to hear you've been having blog woes. It's lovely to have you back :)

Liz said...

There you are! No, it's not just you. I think I know what I'm doing technology-wise and then something drastic happens that proves I don't. Would you recommend seeing that film? I try to avoid anything that's likely to make me cry (doesn't take much these days and not a pretty sight) and I have a feeling that MBTS will. Read recently that staying in is the new going out. Sounds like you have all the required ingredients ...... though you don't mention candles and sweatpants!

colleen said...

Hi Liz
Re MBTS - very long, very sad, very beautiful. It made me cry, but only a bit and I think that is because it avoids the pat sentimentality of too many American films. It also made me laugh. I'd definitely recommend it. And there's snow too - you'll like that!

annjennyg said...

Hello there! It's so nice to find you again. I thought you had disappeared forever into the ether when I clicked on your blog link and got one of those computer messages that never seem to make sense! Seems like you have been practising hygge!! I hope you get the blog problems sorted.

Lucy Corrander at Loose and Leafy said...

The photo is exactly right for London buses in the rain.

Something has gone wrong with the layout on my blog so it's too wide for the page. I'm hoping people will move the slider to the left so they can read it. The relevant settings aren't working to put it back to 'normal'.

A question. If you were to stop paying for your blog, would it vanish from the internet or would it just be that you couldn't add to it?

Another question. If you were to move to another site cos this one stopped working - how would we know where you'd gone? Probably an unanswerable question but it would be good to know if you have placed a signpost somewhere.

My camera is broken. I wish I could put it in the washing machine and take it out mended. Do you think machines are ganging up on us? My blogging has suffered this last year from laptop failure (I too now have a new one) as well as my camera going wrong twice.

Fingers crossed things will gradually be resolved.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Blogging's definitely got ten times more complicated , lately , what with Google wagging its finger on every page and photos proving elusive .
But I like the original blogging idea of a loose network of likeminded jam-making , bead-stringing , book lovers and charity shop addicts too much to stop .