04 January 2016

back to the future

Walking home from a party Hackney yesterday evening

Is it too late to wish you a Happy New Year? I do hope not. And surely it's never too late to say sorry - for being away so long. I lost count of the number of times I thought "Oh, I should write a blog post about that" - about how warm it was in September; the discovery of new and beautiful places; how pretty and entertaining long tailed tits are, especially if you have time to watch them lying on your back beneath a tree; how lovely it is to walk in persistent heavy drizzle if you have a decent coat on, but how difficult it is to take photos; how it was possible to have the bedroom window wide open all year and still see golden leaves on the trees in December.

Drizzly August day at Oare

Warm September walk, Thames Estuary

Watching the antics of long tailed tits in Bethnal Green, October
Winchelsea in October- who knew how lovely the view was?

Golden leaves, tangled branches, railway line, Mile End in December

Open bedroom window and curious cat, December

Then I read this article and thought yes! that's what I need to do. Stop faffing and just start off with ten minutes a day. So I did. And here I am three quarters of an hour later. Good to be back.