21 June 2015

out of touch and sorts

Apparently it takes around sixty six days to create a habit. I have the research reference somewhere, but I'm slouching in bed and if I'm distracted by the search to find it I may never find my way back here. So it seems that in my absence I may very well have fallen into the habit of not blogging. If I had known I was going to be away so long I hope I would have given some warning. I apologise. Now I find that a whole half season has passed. The asparagus have been harvested, enjoyed and left to go to fern and, if we are not sufficiently vigilant, ravage by beetle. The strawberries, growing on the thinnest layer of soil sub-strated by an old road, are small, pitty, and undernourished - no rain to speak of for weeks, and a lazy attitude of benevolent neglect. I have been out of touch and, notwithstanding some lovely times away and with friends, rather out of sorts, maybe even suffering from a kind of sadness. But here we are now at Midsummer, a time of alignment and light, and it would be a pity not to take the opportunity to get back into sorts, all sorts. So I've decided to set myself up for a new habit to blog over the next sixty six days, to get into the swing of things again. A bit of looking back, forwards and sideways, possibly some new directions. Let's see.

Those strawberries, by the way: some of them found their way into muffins* for the WI stall at the Mile End Dog Show today. All the signs suggested that it might be a non-event.  The volunteer organiser by her own admission had not really had enough time to get things sorted as well as she would have wished. The fair rides and the bouncy castle failed to turn up. Other stall holders couldn't make it. The forecast was for rain until late afternoon. Yet somehow, it all came prettily together on a parched field in the park - the cake stall, the coconut shy, the face painting, the man who makes sticks out of newspaper, the local PDSA, the ice cream van and, of course, the dog show with  the most well behaved and groomed dogs ever. It was a little bit magical.

Happy Solstice!

A bit stodgy I thought, possibly undercooked. Some cheese and chive muffins (leave out the ham) came together much more easily. Use home grown chives for that added sense of superiority.


ALoadofOldTat said...

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Gina said...

Good to see you back. I've always had problems putting strawberries into cakes... the result is nearly always a bit soggy!

annjennyg said...

Lovely to see you back. I always enjoy your blog posts. I love your thoughtful and humorous way of writing :)

Liz said...

There you are! You know, it probably happens to all of us at some point, that unplanned blogging hiatus, time out to just smell the flowers and eat the fruit. But I'm so pleased you're back. Here's to reignition!

carolbaby said...

I really look forward to the next 66 days, I'm a big fan of your blog.