12 August 2014

things about the seaside

We've spent a week at the seaside, and I'm missing it.  Missing the sky and the clouds.

All things stripey. The seaside is clearly the place that stripes belong. A stripey dress or t- shirt just doesn't have the same cachet at home.

Missing the light in the morning, and the promise of a dip in the sea in the afternoon. Those delicious first steps when you wonder whether you really want to cool down quite so much, and then after a few minutes that delicious feeling of moving water all round you.

Missing the promise of adventure, even if we did nothing about it.

Missing dog spotting and people spotting. This year we were looking out for men in pink shorts (score 5) and trousers (score 10); any shade of pink from strawberry to raspberry to rhubarb crumble. Missing the quick crossword on the beach and a game of Linkee in the evening; keeping cool with Arctic Chill and Hypothermia and Christmas Pudding ice cream.

Don't get me wrong. It's nice to be home, at least once the bags have been unpacked, the cats fed and the allotment watered. But that spending time somewhere completely different, creating short term comforting routines that will only last a week with people you want to spend time with is so very, very refreshing - and one of the best birthday gifts ever.