05 February 2014

working through the cupboards

I know. It looks like Christmas again. It's because we have been eating our way through the cupboards, the freezer, the potatoes in the cellar, and the tiny stash of leftover bottles from Christmas. All part of lightening the load. I thought we might save the oloroso for next year's pudding, but it turned out to be quite unrealistic once we closed the doors to the inner sanctum of the back room to keep it warm and cosy while watching The Bridge - and if you must know, I was distraught at the end of it and really wished there had been even a tiny drop of something harder to buoy me up. 

On the food front, the potatoes - hotpot, mash, vegetable crumble, fish pies, wedges, jackets, soup, bubble - have held up well. There are more at the allotment to be tackled yet (we will have to share, I think), a few leeks and parsnips, winter greens and salads. There are tins of beans, tomatoes, sardines, jars of onions, frozen packets of fruits of the forest, jars of marmalade, a few jars of chutney, dried fruit, nuts, enough flour to keep us in bread and cakes for another month. We can probably last until the end of this month with only topping up on coffee, porridge, fresh fruit, milk. Whatever was I thinking of? Armageddon?

I've made a  tentative, very tentative, start on the fabric stash. Then there's the yarn, the cookery books, the novels to go. And don't even talk about the clothes; or the projects rolled up into bags, half started, a quarter finished. 

Gently, gently. It will be spring soon. It will be spring soon. 

Wake me up when it's half past April.


Val said...

I love the idea of "a month o'clock"
Stores being used sounds a good idea I think I may copy.. I wish I could swop you some Salmon for veggies...

Joanna said...

I love this! We are trying to eat our way through the freezer but I find it so hard not to 'just pop to the shop' to get something to jazz things up. You have inspired me to be more determined!

colleen said...

Val - Shameless plagiarism! It was Yogi Bear, as we know smarter than the average bear, who used to set his alarm clock to April.

Joanna - Oh, I think a bit of jazzing up is allowed, let's say for artistic purposes at least.

Liz said...

Trying to de-Christmas the kitchen and freezer here, too. Thanks to a festive visit from the norovirus and a long absence from home in January there's still far too much (though I have made the Christmas cake disappear and Boo's been enjoying a daily cheese board). As for all the other stuff, I'm happy to climb over it. For now.