02 January 2014

beginning to lighten the load

The good thing about having a rather broad guiding statement for the year is that it can cover all kinds of weather. Even after staying up until the hours, a late invitation to spend New Year's Day with friends  at the seaside seemed like a good start to lightening the load, We spent the day in a warm shed, wiping the condensation off the windows to watch the muddy waters and a young boy walking the dogs, listening to the wind buffeting the building, sharing a meal. Seems like a very good start to me.

Wishing you many happy days too.


rusty duck said...

Sounds like the perfect start to me.
Have a very Happy New Year Colleen.

Liz said...

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2014. Here's to many more load lightened days.

Esther Montgomery said...

For me . . . I'd imagine in advance that would be a good day but, when it came to it, get bored. Glad you had a restful time though. Happy New Year!

(Captcha's going into over-time. 11 digits!)

rachel said...

Keep up the good work! May 2014 be a wonderful year for you.

Annie Cholewa said...

It looks like the perfect way to start a year to me :)

Wishing you only good things in 2014 x