20 December 2013

day 20: tree

Normally there is strict observance of the house rule that the tree does not go up until the weekend before Christmas. Now I realise that may well have been a mistake. We reached the point, with the cold and all, where something bright was needed to cheer us up over and above a glass of pudding sherry, so here is the driftwood tree, lights, three felt robins, a perplexed cat wondering what I am doing outside the house looking in, and a more cheerful household.

Driftwood and  drift plastic junk
The trip a few weeks ago to find exactly the right planks of wood for the tree, including a triangular piece for the top was made on a clear afternoon, timed so that the tide was far enough out to allow us to mooch about on the shore. As you may have gathered, we are partial to a bit of driftwood. Quite often it ends up just propped against the wall because it is too interesting, too tactile, too full of the past and possibilities.

I like the idea that our tree has been resurrected from the river. It's quite a fragile construction - one careless move and the whole lot could come tumbling down. It only has to hold on until the New Year, after which, well, it depends on how cold it is.


Kirsten said...

I really like your idea (and execution of it) of a driftwood tree. I wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for many interesting reads and pictures on your blog.
Kind regards

Val said...

Love the tree..and it's versatile potential if it gets cold :o)

We haven't put up our tree indoors yet but we have one outside made from a Huge wooden spool (free from an Electric supply co) with a 6 foot 2x4 post rising from the center, then with nails added round the circumference we (Royal we..my OH in reality) strung lines of lights up and down from the top of the post to the spool ..it worked well and is fun!

Cats love to supervise don't they and puzzle over what on earth we are up to :0)

annie said...

Ooo! I love this and the idea that it has all been gathered locally.

Liz said...

Love your driftwood tree. I'd swap the one here, which has been shedding glass baubles and decorations since it was put up, for that one in a flash.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful advent calendar this has been and how jolly your tree is. Seasons Greetings! xF

Annie Cholewa said...

It's wonderful. And yes, very practical if early January turns out to be cold :)

Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas Colleen x

Lizzi said...

This is just the best christmas tree ever.

And a yule log (or two) when you take it down.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Perfect !
( but very tempting ... the cat doesn't try to climb up it ? )

shandy said...

Hope you are feeling better! At least you got the cold out of the way before Christmas.