15 December 2013

day 15: winter fuel

I was hoping to discover another series of Borgen behind the door of the calendar today, but alas not. All I found were grey skies, rain, a pile of cards to write and a pressing desire to stay indoors.  But what's this? Lurking in the background, some winter fuel, gleaned from the shore of the Thames at Purfleet. And Smiley's People on BBC i-player.

It's not even cold outside to be honest, but we can pretend it is, just to get in the spirit of winter and all that.


Val said...

The fire looks lovely..I think I'll join you and listen to the radio (well an older radio recording actually)I'm going for Judi Dench in "The Dippers" by Ben Travers from 1989

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

No , it's not cold ... just very grey and dreary . Never mind , the shortest day's nearly here and it will slowly get lighter again .