12 December 2013

day 12: fortification

By the time we get round to serving the port and sherry at the Over 50s Christmas Tea Dance, we must have poured out at least two hundred cups of tea - weak tea, strong tea, black tea, milky tea, extra hot tea. The variations are endless. 

There's strong ration control on the fortified wine however - only one small glass per person - but it's all done fairly. We ladies of the WI are even allowed to secrete a glass behind the cups and saucers and take a sip between pouring tea. It makes you feel like Irene Handl or some  middle-aged barmaid in an Ealing Comedy. Come to think of it, the whole cast of the  tea dance would fit in very nicely there too.


Val said...

I love the Ealing reference ..I now have a picture of Dora Bryan as the barmaid in the Green Man :0)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I'd forgotten about Irene Handl !
I now feel the need of a couple of Ealing comedies and a glass of fortified wine ... or maybe even a ginger wine ( do they still make that ? )