16 July 2013

so cool

This is Auntie Rosie in June 1953 - a touch of coronation chic at the street party.  I love the way she looks so very cool against the background of chalked walls.  Who would have remembered that walls were covered in temporary chalk graffiti, mock cricket stumps and football nets all summer? Not me.  All I can recall from my childhood, for we lived her too, is the dusty smell of the street when it rained, and a dairy smell (it was a Co-op building). And it remains a mystery as to who that uniform belonged to - surely not her brother Willy, a chubby little fellow? Look closely, you can even see the seven creases in the trouser legs, representing the seven seas.

We are trying to stay cool here in these soaring temperatures, and life seems to be taken up with the carrying of watering cans to help the plants survive.  I get up in the cool of the morning to do yoga in the garden, before the seven dwarves arrive next door to start digging and drilling and banging and generally creating more dust in my house than is imaginable. Then I am off to avoid the noise. In fact, I'm off this minute because the noise is already unbearable.  But I'll be back soon I hope.