22 March 2013

28 days later

Boardwalk, Rainham Marshes

There have been no zombies, although a nasty bout of norovirus did induce catatonic symptoms for a few days. The other glitch, apart from a freaky, slick attempted telephone fraud, was an entirely non-compliant internet connection causing the most haughty put-her-in-her-place disdain for my router from the call-centre technician halfway across the world.  This served to intensify my alienation from ISPs and the web in particular, and the complexity of modern life in general.

So, weather notwithstanding, we have been out and about and there are many small stories to share, starting with the russet coloured Cetti's warbler I caught sight of, fleetingly it must be said, dipping  under the boardwalk, on one of the few days when the sun came out.

I have a lovely long cardigan of a very similar colour to the warbler. I got it out of the wardrobe when I got home and wore it as much as I could that week to remind me of the bird and the boardwalk.

More tails and tales to follow.


Val said...

Looking forward to the tails and tails
Nice to see you back:o)

Rattling On said...

I hate technology with a passion, but one just can't function without it really nowadays. I especially despise the internet connection we have here.I think it feels similarly about me.

Kirsten said...

Well, I'm glad you conqueres the virus and other IT-related obstacles. I so enjoy your blog. Best wishes for a happy Easter from Denmark.

ALoadofOldTat said...

Having experienced the dreaded bug in the last couple of weeks you have my commiserations. But there are compensations, I now fit into a nice little dress!

rachel said...

I wondered what had happened to you. Hope you are 100% better now.

Jane Housham said...

Can't tell you how much I like that photo.
I would like to walk on that boardwalk -- is it hard to find?