05 December 2012

day 5: string

It's definitely stretching a point to think you might open a door in an advent calendar and find oddments of string.  I suppose a brightly coloured parcel with pretty ribbon is a possibility, but string?  Unlikely.  However, I very much like this box of string that I saw at my cousin's place.  All those different colours, sizes, textures, the way it looks like scribble, the potential it has to be reused, tied round a brown paper parcel and handed on to someone else, the joyous frugality of it.  The perfect counterpoint to, say, christmas shopping.  A little gift in its own right, from me to you.


Rattling On said...

Another string fan here! I recently bought some to use to decorate the bags of biscuits for the PTA stall. But it was too nice, so I used jute twine. Selfish me.

Anonymous said...

I love string! I love that off-white standard variety that my dad used to use to knot so tightly when he wrapped parcels for the post, and I love green garden twine and I love all the memories I have of doing cat's cradle when it was a craze at my junior school! Thank you for drawing attention to such a lovely, everyday thing.

Joanna said...

Oh I am not anonymous - sorry. That last comment was from me!