03 December 2012

day 3: board games

So here we have some board games to prepare you for those you may be playing after Christmas lunch, inspired by a visit to Tate Britain on a grey Saturday afternoon this weekend.  This is the board on which visitors were invited to comment after attending the Turner Prize exhibits.  According to some of the comments, and comments on comments, some people enjoyed these more than the art works.  In case you are interested, Elizabeth Price's work was the work that affected me most (she won the prize!), and this was the comment which I liked best:

As a substitute for the fun,  I thought some of you might like to play a little board game with the selection of post cards we bought that afternoon.  Four are my choice, three are his.  But which ones did I choose, and which were his? (You don't have to know the names of the artists/ pictures to answer this.)

To compensate for the poor light, they are, clockwise from top left:
1. Spartacus Chetwynd: Odd Man Out;
2. Cornelia Parker: Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View;
3. Marcus Gheeraerts: Portrait of Mary Rogers, Lady Harington;
4. Edward Collier: Trompe L'Oeil of newspapers, letters and writing implements on a wooden board;
5. Barbara Hepworth: Shaft and Circle:
6. Richard Long: Norfolk Flint Circle; and centre,
7. Samuel Palmer: Harvest Moon: Drawing for "A Pastoral Scene".

Oooh.  How hard is that?

There may have to be a mystery prize for the first comment with the correct answers.


Val said...

I failed the competition/ game
but must say I rather like the pc in the centre.

Love the comment you caught.

colleen said...

Oh dear. I didn't make it very clear - knowing all of those pictures would be far too hard! I've made it a bit clearer now I hope. I had just come back from quiz night at the pub when I wrote that post...

Knit nurse said...

I loved Elizabeth Price's work; her use of sharp, short sounds and periods of silence interweaving in an almost random way had me forgetting to breath a few times.