20 December 2012

day 20: round robin

I can hardly believe it.  Day twenty already and we haven't seen a robin.  Try this - photo and text taken from an email today from my friend Mrs C.

"Thank you for my robin (see photo) who is now nestling rather anxiously i feel amongst the cards. He will soon get used to his new home.  He must be the best card i have ever had  Without realising it you have sent the infamous Round Robin card.  (actually maybe you did realise it and i didnt!!  I get there in the end ) He also doubles up nicely as Pigeon Post because of the Christmas greeting tag attached to his leg. Thank you so much for him and of course every time I look at him your little face looks back at me."

You may be able to tell that Mrs C is my very oldest friend because I wouldn't normally be flattered by someone telling me that a round robin somehow looked like me.

And for the record, it is the only round robin I have ever sent.


Kitty said...

Very sweet!

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

The kind of resolution I make now is - "Oh, what good idea, I'll do that next year.". But when should I start? Seems silly to be sewing for Christmas in the summer. Oh! Too late.

colleen said...

Ah, Lucy - if only he was homemade. I bought him at the RSPB shop at Rainham Marshes.