19 December 2012

day 19: headspace

We went, Baz and I,  to the White Cube in Bermondsey, and found our own little cube within Antony Gormley's Model.  Never mind what others think, personally I enjoyed the opportunity to enter the labyrinthine gloom and explore.  There was some crawling, scuffs on the shoes, a lost (and found) silk headband, and some deep, deep darkness.  Once we thought we'd reached all possible extremities - maybe- we made our way back but found a ledge.  We climbed up and into a black cubic void, felt our way to the corner and sat there in silence, entirely unseen, watching people stooping along down the corridor, disoriented and fearing a knock on the head.  Some were using the light from their phones, a couple explored "our" space with arms outstretched, tentative and cautious.  Only one person, a tall man, ventured within at which point Baz warned him we were there as he edged his way forward - I was all for staying schtum to see how close he got, but that might have been unkind.  Tricks of the light made us feel higher than we were and I thought this is what it might be like to be a well-camouflaged bird or animal, an owl maybe, at night.  After I while I realised just how much people miss by seeking  without looking, and how risk averse people were, how unwilling to play a little.  I was surprised at how much wiser I felt I had become from sitting still in the dark.

I had masses to do that day and I'm still behind but I don't regret for a minute my hour of exploration and, somewhat paradoxically, enlightenment from the dark.  I'd recommend it as the world rushes on.


Anonymous said...

Nice post. I went to Maltby St market on Saturday morning with a specific plan to go to this exhibition afterwards. Got distracted by a black pudding scotch egg and completely forgot about it. Maybe in the New Year.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Sounds fascinating . That big black box affair in Tate Modern a few years go was good , too . It's strange how differently we all react to "nothing".