18 December 2012

day 18: snow

Front stalls, Row J, Seat 13, Slava's Snowshow*.

Indoor snow, but accompanied by lots of awe and laughter, dramatic music, a covering of filmy nylon, a snowstorm, and giant balls and  balloons bouncing through the audience.  Absolutely amazing.  And to think I was dubious about whether I would enjoy a show that was all clowns.  The secret, I discovered, was to surrender to the surrealism.

There's a snowshow in the bathroom now where little pieces of white snow- paper are littering the floor after falling out of my clothes as I got ready for bed.

*A gift from my quizzy mate J.

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Annie Cholewa said...

I adored Slava's Snowshow when we went a couple of years ago (Liverpool). And we were right at the front ... we got wet! Totally brilliant night :D