16 December 2012

day 16: glints

Glint: to give off reflection in brilliant flashes; a tiny bright flash of light; a brief or faint manifestation

:: 7:45am - In bed, thinking, for some unfathomable reason, about the jewels buried in an Arctic glacier by artist Sophie Calle and wondering where they were now.

:: 9am - Looking up river and catching the glint of light on the Shard.

:: 1pm -  A pixie in a tiny pool of light along the woodland path at the nature reserve.  Must have been her lunch-break.

:: 3pm -  Remembering the glint in John's eye when he bought a second hand tweed jacket yesterday, and again today when he found a large green plastic trug washed up in the detritus on the edge of the river which he later filled with wood for the fire.

:: 5.30pm - After a heavy shower while we were all singing carols in the square, a crescent moon, and lamplight glancing off  a collection of raindrops on a waterproof coat.


Joanna said...

'Giving off reflection in brilliant flashes; a tiny bright flash of light' - how I often feel about a rus in urbis blog post, followed by gratitude for the sudden shift in perspective.

Jane Housham said...

Oh, Joanna has expressed it perfectly. And I love the photo of the glinting Shard.

monix said...

I've been thinking a lot about pixies since listening to last week's book of the week on Radio 4. How lucky you were to see one. I'm glad it was sparkly and benign!

Val said...

It's very dark and cold out and as I look up from the computer the Christmas lights are glinting on the icicles hanging from the roof :0)

colleen said...

I'm really touched by these comments. Thank you.

And Maureen, I listened to that whimsical morning drama and really enjoyed it, as did lots of my mates.