01 December 2012

day 1: garland

A winter garland, made from off-cuts from wool jumpers now hangs from the mantelpiece in our kitchen.  The idea is that it will act as a reminder that winter really has arrived, though the freezing temperatures outside last night should be enough to notice.  The off-cuts result from an obsession I developed for buying charity shop woollens.  There are a lot of huge men's sweaters out there let me tell you - and in my stash.  I was actually thinking about a necklace when I sat down one evening with my little scissors, needle and yarn, then I started to use bigger scraps and I thought it might end up as a scarf.  Of course, it got completely out of control.  

Here endeth the first lesson.


Liz said...

Your advent calendars are so much more enchanting than my bought ones. (Day 1: baby Jesus in a music score manger. Huh. Should have come with spoiler alert.)

Annie Cholewa said...

I don't have an advent calendar here this year ... I shall enjoy logging in for yours :)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

You lose control so well ! It's a lovely garland .