02 September 2012

this week

This week:

:: the sky was absolutely beautiful, even if it was chilly sitting on the west side of the stadium after the coldest August night for years, but the athletics was even better.  This from someone who never watches sport and cheered like a loon. Interesting.

:: my mum had her second cataract operation, got the bus home, said how wonderful the hospital was and is glad it's all over and she'll be able to see well again.  Her grandfather lived to be over 90 and was blind.

:: I used a spindle for the first time, not very well at all but still had a lovely time learning in my favourite wool shop

:: Some of the courgettes were made into the first of this year's glutney, with plums this time. Much prettier.  Only another ton to go.

:: my bike got two new tyres so perhaps there will be less punctures now and I got some smarter panniers too.

The world is my lobster.


Stacey said...

Lobsters, glutney and loons. I love coming back to your blog. Can't wait to hear more about the spindle work!
Stacey x

Felicity Ford said...

I am so excited that you are learning to spin! Isn't it wonderful to make your own yarn? And what a lovely list of the weeks' doings...

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Just catching up here, which is always a joy. To Stacey's list I'd add spindles, amaranth and hares!

Anonymous said...

I've clicked on the tag 'wool' and up came your post with the beautiful photo of the Olympic Stadium's cable wire against the autumnal sky. I did think for a moment that this is what you meant by 'wool' because it looks really like a weaver's installation! Thanks for sharing your week's highlights.

Rattling On said...

Just got the eldest a vintage Raleigh for uni. It's older than me and way more stylish! She's no idea how to mend a puncture and said she'll ask one of the boys. Ahh, the practical gene has missed out there. Cold nights here as well, and this morning. But bright- which I'll take any day of the year thanks.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I'm very impressed by your mother's doughtiness !
In fact , I'm impressed by the whole entry from spinning to home-made chutney . And since I'm sure one cycles faster on new tyres .... you're on a roll !!