16 June 2012


Poppy seedheads, originally from school garden

Looking back, I notice that there is a poppy post almost every year around this time. It seems I can't help myself.  The colours, the delicate shape.

More poppies, West Ham allotments

The instructions for this afternoon's "refresh your wardrobe" embroidery workshop at Fabrications said to look around for inspiration and images before we turned up.  That was easy enough, then.

Machine embroidered poppies, back garden

Poppies all year round now, from seed to flower in two and a half hours.

Materials: Dull black skirt, charity shop; rough cut scraps of silk tie fabric; orange and purple cotton thread; sewing machine with darning foot; expert guidance and rapid rescue from Laura Lees of the Mighty Stitch; sweet company of other women; bananas for sustenance from Gemma.  (Shoes and other accessories, model's own.)


Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic, you talented thing you!

colleen said...

Karen - it was so simple to do, once you built up some confidence in using the darning foot. And Laura's style was very encouraging - just get on with it and if it's not perfect, all the better. She did help out with some of the techniques too.

Annie Cholewa said...

Love the contrast with the black :D There's a sort of moment isn't there when suddenly 'drawing' with the needle makes sense.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Wonderful . And the silk sings on the black !!
I'm also very taken with the model's shoes , I have to say .

Liz said...

Poppies have featured in all three gardens we've had. You did a great job refreshing your skirt. (Darning foot??? I'm impressed.)