25 June 2012


:: a fish and chip summer at my friend's beach hut waiting for a rosy sunset.  We were more than happy to make do with a muted grey sky and washing up in cold water.  And indigestion for me for being greedy.

:: spinach and lettuces going to seed before they've even been cropped.  Did I blink when the sun came out for a day?  And will the courgette plants look happier now the wind has died down?

:: at the Edible Garden, cupcakes baked in half and orange, salad with mallow flowers, a new outdoor bread-oven made by the intrepid Anna who cycled from Sydenham with bricks in her bike trolley.  Pretty amazing.

:: the last day of term at upholstery, a celebratory lunch in the sunshine, and home with my drop in seats and the footstool-of glorious- beauty that I can't stop peeking at to make sure it's safe from cat-clawing. I have so enjoyed the whole process of learning how to use tools, stripping grubby old pieces of furniture, rebuilding layers of fibre, wadding, horse hair and hessian with knots and needles and twine to create items of texture and comfort, all in the company of funny, helpful, industrious women (and man) who a couple of months ago were strangers and now feel like friends.

:: a few days respite from whatever pollen it is that makes my eyes itch, my mouth tingle and my body yearn for snoozing.

:: coming home from the pub tonight in the warm night air and suddenly sniffing the sweet scent of a jasmine hanging over a garage wall. Possibly the loveliest treat of the week.


Joanna said...

That really is a gorgeous footstool. Great job! We have had unbelievable wind in Sheffield - all my French bean plants have snapped off. And the courgette plants are each sitting in a kind of tiny, miserable huddle. I can't believe I was living in the assumption there'd be another glut this year.

colleen said...

JOanna - I checked back to see that we were eating courgettes this time last year. Can hardly believe how different the growinh season has been this year.

The footstool seems to have gone missing from the post! Must check.

Rattling On said...

Still raining here!! Love your footstool, will you be recovering everything now??

colleen said...

Next project up is a winged armchair from my mum I think though I'd really be game for a day bed if one turned up.

Liz said...

The footstool looks fab. Not looking for a piano stool to upholster, by any chance???

Chips at the seaside. Nothing better.

Knit Nurse said...

Very impressed by the upholstering, I see so many bits of furniture on the market that could be improved if only I had such skills.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Everything tastes so much better eaten outside !
I'm impressed by your having mastered the mysteries of upholstering so quickly . The stool is really very smart . But do you find you're now looking at everything in the house with eyes narrowed and tape measure in hand ?

shandy said...

Could we see a side view of the stool? Great choice of fabric!