19 June 2012

golden leaves

Over the dull windy days last week, I passed several times the new work of art made by Rachel Whiteread on the front of the Whitechapel Art Gallery.  Each time I went by I was immensely cheered by the tumbling golden leaves, Whiteread's signature impressions of the windows below, the gold overlaid on the existing frieze.  It is utterly lovely.  Apparently inspired by buddleia as well as the existing Tree of Life design,  I like the way too the gold links back for me to the time when just along the way Black Lion Yard was full of jewellers shops.  I remember being taken there as a girl one December afternoon to buy a gold charm.  My mum's wedding ring came from one of the shops there too.  All gone now - the yard, the shops, the gold.  Now we have these Whitelchapel leaves instead, rain, wind or shine.


Jane Housham said...

Lucky you to see it in the flesh so soon and so often. It's beautiful, even in photos.

Rattling On said...

Really lovely. I do like the way thought is being put into public art these days.
Also love your 'new' skirt. Great job, very chic!

Liz said...

Looking up and seeing those leaves would really brighten my day. (Unlike what we have here which I've really tried to like but don't.

Anonymous said...

Really lovely isn't it. We made a detour to see it on Saturday.

The jewellers' shops on Whitechapel Road were a big part of my childhood, as my dad was the burglar alarm mechanic for many of them. I used to go with him on his rounds sometimes and particularly remember getting my ears pierced at Spiegelhalters. I still have a charm bracelet somewhere which has charms from many of those shops.

Not in the same league but I do like the Stratford shoal.

Best wishes,


colleen said...

Ha! I had my ears pierced there too. The asymmetry of Wickhams always rather bothered me with Spiegelhalter's stuck in the middle, but I rather admire their stubborness in not selling up now. My mum's engagement ring came from there too. I'll never inherit as it was stolen from her.

My memories of Black Lion Yard are of a dark alley lit up by the windows.

Annie Cholewa said...

You make me, a confirmed country gal, long to spend more time in London. I have seen the city anew since I started reading your blog.