11 March 2012

full of eastern promise

I'm not quite sure what possessed him. You'd have thought he'd have had enough of gardening all week without taking on another allotment.  You do, however, have to admire someone who takes on  the challenge of creating something beautiful out of yet another junkyard full of glass, couch grass, bricks, bottles, jars, couch grass, corrugated plastic, cast iron, brambles, hawthorn, railway sleepers, lino, carpets, guttering, nails and broken glass.  And did I mention the couch grass?

He's starting to lick it into shape with the help of the extraordinary long handled (Irish) spade and lashings of hard work.  I think he's very much inspired by the location which, he told me today, has so many of the attributes necessary for the perfect allotment - a canal, a pumping station and sewage works, the occasional sound of a railway nearby, gas works in the distance, enough green space and trees nearby for plenty of birds, hiding places for passing cats and foxes.

And a south facing shed.


Anonymous said...

Good to see Management has made a health and safety risk assessment of the south facing shed. You can't be too careful.


colleen said...

PPE. Very important!

Rattling On said...

Bare arms!! Still in thermals here. I agree the sound of a railway is essential. The new allotment sounds rather like our garden, but the bottles are a 'feature' wall the previous owners made (think it was for wildlife but it just looks toooo hippy).

Liz said...

And there I was feeling smug after prancing about in a tiny garden with a pair of secateurs. I take my hat (love yours, by the way) off to him.

colleen said...

RO - Sunshine on Sunday was incredible. Temps of around 18 degrees, but I did have a couple of woolies on to ride home.

Liz - I love a gardening hat. I am working my way through my straw hats bit by bit. This one is perfect with its large brim for keeping the sun out of my eyes.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I quite agree . That sounds like the definitive allotment !!
I'm intrigued by the carpet .... had a previous gardner thought "I'd like to see bloody couch grass grow through that! " , perhaps ?
Good luck with it all !

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I do know how to spell .... truly .
gardener ,

DDKK said...

That's the kind of challenge I relish! When all the rubbish and weeds are gone and the planting is established it's satisfying, but somehow loses a little bit of its fun.