23 February 2012

a smaller picture

Not quite David Hockney's Woldgate Woods in Spring, but the best I could manage on my ride back through Mile End Park after a bit of yoga.  The sight of the crocuses had pretty much the same effect as when I saw Mr Hockney's Bigger Picture at the Royal Academy.  It made me smile like a fool.  It was as if he had worked in a frenzy of activity to capture the change of season just in case it never happened again.  The merest hint of spring can make you feel like that.

I came home and after a snooze - yoga flow can have that effect on me - sat on the back doorstep, doors open wide for the first time this year, and soaked up a bit of sun, cup of cocoa at hand just in case it turned nippy.


Rattling On said...

Lovely spring picture. Raining here!
Your cat is gorgeous and the picture looks like something done by Lesley Anne Ivory! A very manly quilt you managed, always a challenge, love the choice of fabrics.

Annie said...

Now this is where I'd miss city living ... Hockney and parks, brilliant. Temps hit 18 degrees here yesterday but we're back to February gloom today with all the doors most firmly closed.

60 going on 16 said...

I've been out of cyber-circulation for a few weeks, so am now enjoying an indulgent morning, catching up with all my favourite blogs. Like Annie, I miss the aspect of city living that gives you Hockney exhibitions and parks on the doorstep. But then, I do have Exmoor, so should not complain!

And we now have yoga, with an excellent teacher, in the village hall - an early evening class, however, so no snoozing in the sunshine (what's that?) on the back step. But I know what you mean. Meanwhile, could you please send some of London's sunshine westwards; it's been raining since September here.

Val said...

The image of you "smiling like a fool" has me doing the same..isn't it nice how beautiful moments and moods are so infectious...you have grass and flowers..it looks lovely :0)

I think our snow layer may stay longer than May this year we must have at least 3 feet of solid packed snow on the back Garden ..you have to scramble up as you go out of the back door ..crazy lol

Liz said...

Wish I could have visited the Hockney (I have a friend who was at art college in Bradford with him) exhibition but train fares are exorbitant. We have MIMA here but their collection and exhibitions are sadly nothing to write home about.