24 February 2012

short shrift

It seems suitably lenten to eat kale and leeks and potatoes, but I suspect that, strictly speaking, the eggs should have stayed on the other side of Ash Wednesday.  Fact is though that I love colcannon.  This was made from one giant potato, mashed; a head of kale, steamed; a large leek, sauteed in plenty of olive oil, then mixed in the pan with the other ingredients until they start to singe a bit.  Make 4 little depressions with a spoon on the surface, gently break in eggs, and finish in a moderate oven.  Eight minute seems to be the right time for the eggs to set to an oozing goldenness.  Sometimes I get it wrong, and they set too hard, but today it was just perfect.

With thanks to Joanna for inspiring me with her post about her vegetable box.  And I saw when I visited today that she is aiming to take a picture a day for the next 40 days.  Me too.


Anonymous said...

How I love colcannon. It's up there with white pudding, drisheen, pig's trotters and galtee cheese as the food of my childhood. As a non meat eater most of these can't be revisited but colcannon can.

Just back from seeing the Craft Club knitting short at the Stratford Picturehouse. It's very clever. I don't know if you feature in this trailer:


The rest of the film is largely made up of toys and the like with some very nice animation. We all got given some rather nice boxed finger knitting kits containing a large ball of pure wool. One of the organisers was telling me that they weren't allowed to use acrylic because of the fire risk. I now have a lovely mental image of finger knitting so fevered that the resultant friction generates combustion.

Best wishes,


Annie said...

That really does look delicious! Looking forward to the next 39 pictures :D

colleen said...

Oh the Galtee! It sustained us on a 6 week cycle tour when the only other sustenance we could buy was packet potato soup, oatmeal, soda bread, fig rolls and bananas. And Guinness.

Thanks for the link, Joan. My friend Elizabeth is definitely in the film with her tea cosy at 15 secs, and there are two shots of a coat like mine, but too brief to identify whether my string bag and scarf are in there.

Joanna said...

Thanks for the mention, Colleen. This colcannon looks absolutely delicious. I shall definitely give it a try next my vegbox comes up with the appropriate ingredients!

Felicity Ford said...

ah, tasty Colcannon. I like it with a big hunk of smoky fish on top... haddock, preferably... I love your mashy/eggy/saucepanish photo.