14 February 2012

cold hearted

I like my Valentine's card.  It is very tiny, and very cheap...

Cheapskate Cards strike again
It will join the rest of my collection of Cheapskate Cards.  (Excuse the focus, everything was a bit of a blur  by this time of night.)

We also celebrated his birthday today with the last decent food from the freezer and the cupboards - a turkey, cranberry relish and home-made chocolate mousse.    He is very happy with his birthday present - what's not to love about an apron made from a sack and a badge with a chainsaw gift tag?  I am very happy not to have over-priced flowers, though I could do without the heartburn.

Dumb swans perhaps.  With thanks to Sir Philip Sidney.

From Astrophel and Stella.

Because I breathe not love to every one,
Nor do not use set colors for to wear,
Nor nourish special locks of vowed hair,
Nor give each speech the full point of a groan,
The courtly nymphs, acquainted with the moan
Of them, who in their lips Love's standard bear;
"What he?" say they of me. "Now I dare swear,
He cannot love. No, no, let him alone."
And think so still, so Stella know my mind,
Profess indeed I do not Cupid's art;
But you, fair maids, at length this true shall find:
That his right badge is worn but in the heart;
Dumb swans, not chatt'ring pies, do lovers prove;
They love indeed, who quake to say they love. 


Annie said...

We did without cards and drew hearts with sparklers instead, although Mr did get a little gift from me as today was rather special for us.

Perfect poetry :D

Rattling On said...

The apron sounds fab, my sister made me one as a gift as well! I'm a fan of Sir PS's poetry, this one reminds me of 10cc's 'Im not in love'...

Liz said...

I like your teeny card. Sounds like you celebrated the mister's birthday very well.