27 February 2012

and back down to earth

Where the aliens have landed.

This year I am determined not to muddle up my spuds when they go in the ground.  They will be mapped out not on a piece of paper, but in a bona fide allotment notebook which will not get lost.  The varieties have already been scribbled down, an eclectic mix chosen foolishly in the same way a non-betting person might put money on a horse, by the name or colour.  So this year's choice includes  Highland Burgundy, Shetland Black,  Beauty of Bute and the intriguing, low yielding and beautiful violet fleshed Vitelotte.  Maybe not so down to earth after all, but a romantic risk taker at heart.


knit nurse said...

It's always great when the planting season comes around - a time of great hope and anticipation! I am going to get my early peas in this week, and the chilli seeds are already in their pots, hopefully thinking about germinating some time soon! Incidentally I can't think of a better way to choose potatoes than by name and colour, I'm sure any scientific method is probably no better.

Annie said...

Who wouldn't want spuds with names like those!

Val said...

They sound lovely..I miss gardening..still one thing at a time :0)

Sympathy on the garden records book ... I've been reading Gilbert White
Very enjoyable.

Rattling On said...

I have eaten Highland Burgundy. Very nice, and marbled with deep red, very pretty!

Liz said...

I've only had white potatoes on my dinner plate so I'll be interested to see what you do with the more colourful varieties.