29 January 2012

taking stock

I've decided that  the language associated with new year's resolutions - "aims" "goals" and so on is not to my liking.  It's altogether too sports orientated . So I decided a few years back that I would have gentle aspirations instead, generally relating to "being" rather than "doing" which would result in subtle changes of behaviour.   That's the idea anyway.

I spent a while thinking about this year's aspiration.  One thing that was really irritating me was my absent mindedness - not being able to find things around the house,  turning up at places on the wrong day for meetings and so on.  It was not just about being organised, it was about focusing on what I was doing or who I was listening to.  I decided after much looking at definitions, that I would simply try to be attentive.  The idea is to both pay attention, be more deliberate and to be more thoughtful, and the only way you know whether you have been successful is to stop and think about it.

So how has it been going?  Erm, not all that well actually.  I've turned up a week early for appointments twice in the last fortnight.  I totally muddled up the date for meeting a friend and turned up a week late.  And I've ended up with four cakes instead of the two I planned to make because I quadrupled the amount of water in this recipe instead of doubling it, hence the cake jenga above.  I'm still losing things.

So I need some help. Would a more sophisticated  web enabled phone with an e-diary make me more or less attentive?  Do I need more or less lists to organise myself, and should they be on paper?  How do I stop losing my (3 pairs of different prescription) specs and would I be better off with just one pair;  or contact lens; or laser surgery?  And where's my blooming earring?


Caroline Brooks said...

My trick for not loosing things is to strictly put them in one place, where they will always live. I got a three tiered hanging basket and everything I tend to loose, like oyster cards, lipsils, phone and keys now live in the baskets, the bottom basket being what I use most. Before I go out, I only have to look in one place and before I go to bed I make sure all the loosables are back in their home and out of whatever bag I have used. I still miss meetings, get dates wrong and that's with a diary, calendar and an old android phone with google calendar on it! And I can't explain how I lost an egg cup twice in two years.

Mary Ann said...

Making 4 cakes instead of 3, not a big problem. Freeze them and they will be there if someone else forgets when they are supposed to be at your house and arrives a week sooner or later.

Make one big calendar, I would do paper. Write everything on it and consult it when you get up. The glasses? Put them around your neck and don't put them down anywhere.

Mostly, just enjoy life and stop worrying.

rachel said...

If you find the answers to all those questions, would you mind passing them on to me, please? And yes, where's my blooming earring?

Jane Housham said...

When I first saw the thumbnail of your cake photo on my dashboard I thought it was a new sofa!
Everyone has offered good advice -- I like the three-tiered basket idea. For me, it's sellotaping things I absolutely mustne't forget to do to my glasses case -- but I fear that's a little sad.You're not alone, anyway. What's my name again?

Joanna said...

I would be lost without my Moleskine large weekly notebook. Worth every penny (Amazon has the best price.). Appointments on one side; lists of things to remember or do on the other. Alas, it does not include a place to keep your glasses, but I am rather taken with Caroline's hanging basket idea. Also, I never leave home without saying 'KMPG' - keys, phone, money, glasses!

Kate said...

Like me, you appear to suffer from what my mother refers to as "being vague". I fear it is a chronic condition for which there is no cure.

knit nurse said...

Big paper calendar for appointments, small whiteboard on the fridge for reminders, and a place (or two at max) for each item. Works like a dream for me, but the geezer is totally scatterbrained so mostly pointless for him. After much practice he is now much better at having phone, keys, wallet with him when he leaves the house - shame about reading glasses, season ticket, etc etc

millefeuilles said...

One can cultivate a delightfully 'Vague Lady' aura which outsiders usually find somewhat endearing. I used to be pretty organised (enforced for a generally head-in-the-clouds type) until I found myself living with one husband, three children and a pet. I try to put things in the same place to find them easily (as suggested by Caroline Brooks) but the other lovely members of my family MOVE them. It drives me bonkers as any semblance of organisation vanishes into the air.


I feel your irritation but I am certain you have a jolly good reason for being like this! ;-)


Liz said...

I find I'm OK with appointments, probably because I still use my work Filofax. But I have great difficulty remembering what recently read books were about. And where I put my specs. In fact, I'm thinking of having the damn things welded to my head. Oh, and I just found some Christmas table decorations I forgot I'd bought.

Rattling On said...

I have an old fashioned paper diary and use alarms on my phone as reminders if necessary. I'm pretty good at remembering appointments out of work, but there we have a massive diary with all 3 of our appointments co-ordinated. Theoretically.
I have vari-focals, wouldn't recommend them unless it's for knitting and TV at the same time, otherwise I wear different pairs. (I lost countless contact lenses, including the cases, somewhere in houses past, which never turned up again!)

Annie said...

My ever forgetful other half now programmes reminders for practically everything into his phone. He then frequently forgets why it's beeping at him, but at least he is prompted to go and look on the calendar where hopefully he will have written down whatever he needed reminding about! I once got so fed up with him perpetually forgetting and then changing the passwords on joint accounts and such that I changed the password to forgetful, but he couldn't remember that either. Sadly I think Kate is right, there's probably no cure.

I could lend you a sniffer whippet for the earring ... they can always find mine when I lose them!

jeannette said...

i have a good plate right by the front door into which, without fail, my glasses go. there is a bowl for the keys. etc.
paper day runner.
and, i am told your computer can alert you to appointments, but i don't want to know. i used to have a voice mail system which allowed me to telephone myself to remind me of appointments. that was good. they don't have it here in macondo, however.