30 January 2012


Snowdrops, King Edward Memorial Park (aka Shadwell Park)

Do you ever think about all those snappy text or email exchanges that encapsulate a mini saga in a few words and that will soon disappear for ever?  I do, and sometimes I look back at all the texts that I've kept in my inbox for the day that summarise what was important.  Ot the ones I've kept for years for sentimental reasons. "Sorry"  "Come to see me in Melb, darls"  "O mum".

Here is an email exchange today to a friend that made me laugh out loud:

Me:  You crossed my path today.  I was at traffic lights on way to Sainsbury's.  You sailed by, teal stockinged and coat tails flying.  I called your name but it must have been carried away into the air...

Her:  Did I? You know I was probably on my way to pick up my zither from the sorting office! An ebay purchase I should have thought through a little.


Thank you all so much for the comments.  I found them consoling on many counts; that you had thought  the problem through; that I was not alone in my lapses; that there are a number of clever little tricks that might help  But most of all that nobody suggested that I needed to spend a fortune on an i-phone (though I might one day, I guess) and that paper is tops.  AND...I found the lost earring when I moved the pile of books at the side of the bed though I'm most grateful to Annie for offering her whippet as detective.

The upholstery class was wonderful, by the way.  It made me happy all day long, and I must write more about it.  And the walk where we came across the snowdrops.



Liz said...

I can't tell you how envious I am of your friend's purchase:


colleen said...

Liz - I'd completely forgotten about your zither love. Maybe you should look on ebay too!

Gardens at Waters East said...

Just came across your blog. Like your style and sense of humor. Nice. Enjoyed much. Jack