06 November 2011

more trees and a touch of tweed

I like it when friends call out of the blue and ask if they can come to London for the day.   No fussy planning just "see you tomorrow at 11".  It means you have to make the effort to have a bit of an outing.  So we took  a walk through the foot tunnel to Greenwich and up into the park to see the avenues of sweet chestnut trees.   Whether John Evelyn had a hand in designing the avenues seems open to dispute- he seems to be given credit for a number of sweet chestnut trees in England.  Not that it matters much.  The trees are immense and ancient and altogether awe inspiring.  Just thinking about them makes me feel tiny.

We thought the venerable trees would make an altogether suitable location for celebrating Wovember, and the first outing of my sweet chestnut toned Irish Tweed winter coat (courtesy of Oxfam, Dalston)...

and John's autumnal Harris Tweed jacket (Save the Children, Cambridge).

Our friends were very patient.  Can't help thinking we should have had a glass or two of Black Sheep afterwards.


Joanna said...

I must say your wool tweeds look fabulous agains the bark. I didn't think of Black Sheep - of course, Wovember is the perfect excuse to indulge!

Esther Montgomery said...

Was visiting friends in Poplar a couple of weeks ago and had hoped to walk through the tunnel to Greenwich - but it was closed for repair.