16 November 2011

leafy lane

Sometimes you have to take your leafy lanes wherever you can find them - in this case a bus lane.  I noticed as I was cycling down one yesterday that where the plane trees had shed their leaves on to the bus lane, the weight of the buses had compressed them into the tarmac, creating delicate coppery patterns.  This was taken in Cambridge Heath Road in Bethnal Green.  Sometimes the romantic rural names around here live up to there promise.
If you are interested in alternative floral forms, Annie is generously offering a giveaway of  Vic Brotherson's Vintage Flowers on her beautiful Knitsofacto blog and  it's open to all visitors.  It's a lovely blog and her post on developing her blogging voice is, as usual, very thoughtful.  Do pop in.


Val said...

The pressed leaves make a fascinating effect...I could see them as floor tiles

You have a way of looking at the world that encourages me to look more closely..thank you

Liz said...

Great picture. I think I need to look down more.

Annie said...

It's a muted leafy palimpsest ... love it. We all should remember to look down more often.

Thank you so much for the giveaway mention and your too kind comment re. knitsofacto.

Rattling On said...

It's funny but I thought straight away that those were sycamore leaves... but they're (just about) the same thing really!!
They'd make a nice permanent feature on the road, maybe town planners could think about artifying the roads?