23 November 2011

in the night kitchen

The sound of the christmas puddings steaming on the stove.

Sunflowers on the mantelpiece, surely the last of the year this time.

The scent of the mincemeat steeping in the bowl.

The comfort of wool.

The taste of beer in a posh glass.

Mostly without moving from my chair.


Val said...


Mag said...

A comfy chair, I trust!

Love the sunflowers photo!

Annie said...

Joy in the little things :D That mincemeat looks delicious.

Liz said...

Love those pictures. (No Christmas cake this year?)

colleen said...

Ah Liz - I have yet to get round to the cake. I want to use a different recipe this year so I've been looking around for something a bit different. Advice welcome!

Mag - We daren't have comfy chairs in the kitchen. Nothing would ever get done.