02 October 2011

postcards: day six

Sunday 2nd: Saw Lady Isabella Bird's Travel Quilt back in August, and thought of her when I was out riding my bike today, along the canal, and up to the Filter Beds.  Very hot.  Picnicked on salad sandwiches, lemon syrup cake and lemon and ginger tea in the shade.  Discovered a cache of beehives hidden behind a fence and spied on busy bees. AND SAW A KINGFISHER!!!

ETA: The quilt is by textile artist Michelle Holmes


Annie said...

I can count on my fingers the number of times I've seen a kingfisher, and every one was very special ... those flashes of turquoise are seared on my memory. Your picnic in the shade sounds lovely :D

Liz said...

Oh, lucky you. I've only seen a kingfisher once in my life, when I was a little girl, one Bank Holiday by the river with my parents, and I've never forgotten it.