16 October 2011

the plot thickens

There have been dirty deeds afoot on the plot.  A thief, maybe more than one, breeching the defensive fences, cutting hasps and breaking into sheds, stealing brass and copper.  We have got off lightly so far - two entries, stuff tumbled about, seed packets scattered,  not a bean missing.  He better watch out this burglar bill, because one of the more determined plot holders set up a camera (!) and caught him climbing in, miner's style lamp on his head.  Times are hard, but there must surely be easier ways to make money.

Meanwhile I have been bean counting myself, a very satisfying pursuit, gently opening the crispy, crackling pods, and easing out the beans from their silky nests,  squirreling them away for next spring.  And taking stock of what must surely be the last crop of courgettes before the cold air sets a frost.

And we have been gradually bringing home our sacks and boxes of potatoes, a remarkably respectable crop which, unlike the tomatoes, escaped blight.

Pink ones, purple ones, yellow ones.  Delicious mashed, baked, turned into champ with eggs on top.  No idea which is which any more.  The plot thickens - a bit like the old waistline will no doubt.


Rattling On said...

I think maybe we do indeed live in different countries! Very cold here and nothing has come out of the garden for quite some time.
The lead on the school roof has been nicked twice this year and it's happening all over the county. All very Victorian!

Liz said...

I love spuds, especially mashed. Bubble and squeak, all brown and crispy on the outside, is a particular favourite though we never seem to have any leftovers these days.

Annie said...

That picture of your seed beans is just glorious ... a timeless reminder of my Grandpa's potting shed :D I hope Burglar Bill keeps failing to fill his swag bag from your plot x

Anonymous said...

Ate three strawberries from our garden yesterday!

Best wishes,


shandy said...

We took down our bean row and uprooted frosted courgette plants just this last Sunday.