28 September 2011

postcards: day two

4 Sept 2011
Back to Sunny Sands to see Cornelia Parker's Folkestone Mermaid.  Sky of white cloud, perfect background for the human mermaid, her love handles and the slips of seaweed on her curves.  She is really rather beautiful.  Spoke to a local gent who was clearly very proud of it.  Thought  a child had lost a shoe on the quayside when I realised it was one of Tracy Emin's Baby Things. Listened again to Ms Parker on Desert Island discs when I got home.  Seemed most appropriate.  We'll have to make do with campsite I think.  Love Cx


Annie said...

A mermaid with love handles ... what a perfect postcard from beside the sea :D

Gerry Snape said...

super post...thankyou for these two great art works. I used to live in Folkestone and recently have a great urge to revisit and go round my past life there.

Anonymous said...

I've not been to Folkestone but am always dreaming of the seaside - will have to put this mermaid high on my list of reasons to visit places soon!

Thank you, too, for the link to Desert Island discs. Another great post!

Liz said...

I'd much prefer a bronze mermaid to the latest (controversial)installation-in-progress on the beach here.