13 September 2011

blackberry and hammer

We've kind of been on holiday, which is a bit rich for someone who is on holiday permanently, but we have had lots of time out and about together for the last couple of weeks.   Some lovely times.  At the minute though I am sitting with my feet up under these very pictures.  Stephen Gill did them and they are blackberries, from Hackney, smashed with a hammer and preserved on paper.  It must have been very therapeutic making them.  

Apart from one bottle of blackberry vinegar, they are the only blackberries in the house.  I'm fed up about that; that and having to go to the dentist tomorrow.  And also that I have been engaging in diversionary activity all day instead of threading up the somewhat intimidating industrial Bernina sewing machine I bought yesterday from a friend.

Every now and there are minor explosions as the dried acanthus fires seeds around the room above my head.  I feel a little under seige.  Maybe I should just go to bed and leave it till tomorrow to write a proper post.


Rattling On said...

I know what you mean about threading the machine, and mine's only an ordinary one! Love the pictures. My blackberries never materialised, or maybe the birds just ate them all?

Gerry Snape said...

What a great idea to make an unusual picture!i love the frames as well. Hope you get the machine going!

Val said...

How come inanimate machines can be so intimidating...perhaps you could sort of sidle up to it when it's not looking? (this is from a woman who has a brand new Serger holed up in hiding.. by the time I get brave enough to get it out the guarantee will be out ...actually my guarantee might be well out too)

Sympathy for the Dentist visit that can overshadow life all by itself.

Lovely word picture of taking cover btw..it made me smile

Annie said...

Exploding acanthus and massacred blackberries ... scary round at your house just now ;)

Seriously, I like those prints.

Hope all went well at the dentist x

Liz said...

Lots of activity of the diversionary kind going on here, too. Love those pictures.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Who would have guessed that a Trini Lopez moment with a handful of blackberries could produce something so beautiful !

Joanna said...

I *love* those pictures. Hope you have managed to pick some blackberries you can eat now!