23 June 2011

treasury tag

I have a soft spot for the treasury tag, especially the ones with metal tags rather than the cheap looking plastic ones  There is something so seemingly sustainable tactile and thrifty about them and they do a much better job at organising paperwork than those slippery plastic folders.  When I recently saw on sale some tagged leather covered notebooks made out of recycled paper at an immodest price I thought I could make some myself.  So I took myself off to Mr Arber's shop to buy some treasury tags, surely the most likely place around here to have them in stock.  And he did, of course, at a very reasonable price.  My messy Tuesday afternoon was spent cutting little leather covers, retrieving from the cellar the research papers I had stored from my days studying for my master's degree to recycle for my prototype notebook and punching holes.  Easy as anything.  I very much liked the altogether pleasingly, men-from-the-ministry utilitarian result.

We made some at the WI later that day, though I think some women would have preferred something a little more Cath Kidston than Ministry of Labour.   Not me though, not in the least.


Annie said...

Oh, they are beautiful ... form and function and all that, and thrifty too ... love them :D (And I couldn't agree more that their not being remotely Cath Kidstonish is a 'good thing' !)

Esther Montgomery said...

Thanks for this post.

I've wanted some of these little strings for a while but didn't know their name (never have!) so I couldn't look for them on the internet or ask for them in Smiths.

Our local sells-all-art-and-stationery-materials-and-if-we-haven't-got-it-describe-it-and-we'll-get-it-for-you-shop closed down three years ago. I haven't yet recovered.


Rattling On said...

Love the booklets, utility-chic I'd say.
I just ordered lots of treasury tags at work. There wasn't one in the school and we use them for attaching additional sheets to exam papers. They are just perfect little things!

love those cupcakes said...

Haven't seen treasury tags for years. Your little notebooks look great. Perfect for writing lists, I'd say.

Felix said...

I have to say I love your Ministry of Labour aesthetic; treasury tags; and your firm preference for objects and designs that are resolutely *NOT* pointlessly pretty Cath-Kidston.