29 June 2011

one out, all out

Today I went past one of the schools where John is the gardener.  I don't go that way often, but I was blown away by the display of hollyhocks pushing their way through the fence onto the street.

There was something of the Great Escape about them, as if they couldn't wait to get out of the confinement of the school grounds.

Amazingly - and I hope I'm not tempting providence - the good citizens of the Isle of Dogs stepped aside so as not to impede their progress.

See them from the D7 bus on Manchester Road, opposite Island Gardens DLR station, and raise a cheer.


Rattling On said...

What a lovely colour, there are some foxgloves in my garden of a similar shade.
Our school garden is very dull this year. Budget restraints have meant that's one of the areas to take a hit. Shame as last year it was really good.

colleen said...

What a pity that your school garden has taken a cut - I do think that it makes such a difference to have children learning in places that look like they are cared about. It's the labour that is the main cost. I rather imagine all of these hollyhocks were self seeded; and the yuccas are all just off shoots from a very few originals, ditto agaves and other succulents. In fact, it is amazing what he has managed to create on a shoestring.

colleen said...

Just found this old article about his other school.


Alas, his greenhouse was a casualty of the Capital Schools building programme!

Joanna said...

Great pictures - and I love the idea of the hollyhocks trying to escape from school!

Liz said...

Wish the garden here was similarly flourishing. Resident spouse is sadly not so green fingered.

Annie said...

Exuberant is the word that always comes to mind when I see hollyhocks, and they are, aren't they?