15 April 2011


I so like this little golden hook.  My friend gave it to me for Christmas, and it is just perfect for so many reasons - it was just the right size for using on the Jamieson's Shetland Heather that I'm using for a blanket for my son in wintry sub-fusc tones, it is so much easier to find when it gets put down in odd places, it catches the light, glittering away on gloomy days, and, of course, it is a constant reminder of my friend, the fact that she saw this, thought it was just right for me and bothered to wrap it up prettily and give it to me.  It has pressed home how much easier it is to make things when you have pleasing implements around, things that feel just right in the hand and that inspire industry.  In fact, there may have been a bit too much forging ahead.  I suspect that the repeated pain in my right shoulder may well be crochet related RSI rather then the mild frozen shoulder my GP diagnosed.  Perhaps I should have told her I had a habit.

Apparently I'm also suffering, along with about half of the UK population from Vitamin D deficiency which explains the languor over the last few months of what must have been one of the longest, coldest and greyest for years. In addition to a supplement to kick start the improvement,  the remedy is to get out in the sunlight for an hour a day, avoiding the hottest part of the day, face and forearms exposed.  Which is all a very good excuse for sitting watching the asparagus grow, paying homage to the wonderful scarecrow in the garden at William Morris's Red House,  visiting the sheep on Graveney Marshes, and whizzing along the canal and through the parks with the dearest of friends.  Hook and yarn in bag.

I'm regretting that none of this joy has been documented, apart from the golden hook, but the new camera is on order.  At last...


Anonymous said...

Hi Colleen, Joan here. I too am forging on with wool related things - knitting in my case - as I am currently confined to home. I got hit by a car crossing the road almost six weeks ago (he was driving on the wrong side of the road) and have had major surgery on my leg. Am in plaster from thigh to toes and am not expecting to be mobile for some time - the major damage is to my knee and so the amount of recovery is unpredictable. Lucky I have some sitting down hobbies! Especially love hearing about your outings in my current circumstances - vicarious living.

Best wishes, Joan

Joanna said...

I love the sound of that blanket. Can we have a wip photo soon, please?

colleen said...

Gaaah! I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. How hideous for you and the family, though I'm sure they are looking after you well and learning to make their own bread and cakes and biscuits. I was only thinking of you earlier today when I received a notice about the event at Abbey Gardens tomorrow ( which I can't get to unfortunately). Perhaps ( I hope) you can make it into your own garden at least and see the fig leaves uncurling.

Will try to offer some more vicarious living as soon as camera arrives. In the meantime, lots of comfrey tea for you, my dear.

The WIP is 6 piles of squares and not v exciting as yet, though I am really liking the licheny, granitey colours.. It may well be winter again before the FO is finalised, I suspect!

Rattling On said...

Oooh, looking forward to seeing your FO when the time comes, love the colours you've chosen.
Sympathies to Joan, I was hit by a car on the pavement and one of my legs was trapped. A real mess and they wanted to chop off part of my foot. Wouldn't let them and glad I hung onto it!!
Funnily enough, it was just after having had a broken ankle and being housebound that I started blogging. I'd been reading them for years, and really relied on them when I couldn't get out and about.

Liz said...

Love those yarn colours. So glad the sun's been obliging of late. Hoping to hear more about the new camera.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Colleen and Rattling On for your kind words. As of yesterday my plaster cast has been replaced with a knee brace which while meaning more pain feels like a step on the road to recovery. Unfortunately steps mean that I can't get into my garden but I have a good view from the kitchen and am so pleased I planted pots full of bulbs last autumn. The kids are having to learn how to do useful things like make toast - can only be a good thing! Can't believe that I have let them get away with so much for so long.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Yes , everyone was weary and sad by the end of February this year . Perpetual dusk is rather lowering !
While I can't watch asparagus grow , I can cycle along a canal .... several , in fact ..... and the local sheep are very friendly . Your pickmeup plan sounds ideal .
P.S. I've just thought ... I need a golden bike for next winter

Esther Montgomery said...

I have a trouble with crocheting. I like the activity but dislike the results.

We have had so much sun and so little rain recently, where I live, (NO rain for ages!)I think I am suffering from Vitamin D overdose. Can that make one just as tired?