11 March 2011

cold comfort

This is a chilly house, there's no doubt about it.  A kitchen with north facing windows and wooden floors over an earth cellar mean that there are times when the temperature in this room - in which I spend a lot of time - feels lower than the ambient temperature in the garden.  There is one advantage.  Flowers, like these lovely daffs,  last for ages.  I think I got ten days out of these.  Cold comfort indeed.

PS The little heart card was one I made at the Women's Library WI craft day last month (we made the cakes!).  It's made by iris folding.  Took a while to do with scrap pieces of paper but looks rather pretty and is an oddly soothing activity.  There are loads of free patterns around if you google the shape you want.


Liz said...

I take my aunt a bunch of flowers most weeks and they last forever. (She didn't have a spare vase last week and her living room looked like a florist's). Unfortunately I'm useless with cut flowers. I'm not that much better with outdoor plants.

Rattling On said...

We only have the heating on for a few hours in the evening, otherwise it's really cold here.I have daffs on the mantel in the living room, heating and coal fire on at the same time and the flowers will easily do a week... When we lived in Reading I was amazed at how little clothing was required all year round!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

My non-centrally heated house is chilly too . Does the longevity thing works with humans as well as with flowers ? In that case , I'm looking at immortality !

Esther Montgomery said...

My house is usually cold but, at present, it's very hot - the only way I can get the washing to dry is to spend the day moving it between radiators and airers.