14 February 2011


Once I started to make these little crocheted string hearts - and I must say it is the most beautiful red string imaginable - I couldn't stop.  I thought they would make a good birthday greeting, so I snuck out and attached a dozen to the railings.  When he left for work, he didn't even notice them until I pointed them out.

Ah, well.

Bet he notices the chocolate cake.


Val said...

Lovely ...perhaps you should've put them on the cake!

Felix said...


I love the generous mischief of be-decking the street in crocheted, string hearts.

And it is a LOVELY shade of red! x

Liz said...

If it's any consolation, they wouldn't have been noticed here. Hope the chocolate cake was well received by the birthday boy.

Rattling On said...

Love them!
Apologies for the silence recently but blogger had locked me out for some unexplained reason...and I had no way of making a comment!

colleen said...

I wish now I had been a little more adventurous with the little hearts - a notice next year inviting people to have a heart perhaps. I thought some might go missing during the course of the day, but they didn't.

Mag said...

Lovely heart, gorgeous red! I'd like to try that (just mastered one sort of granny square so it would be good for me!).

A pity he didn't spot your inspiration, unassisted - another one who admires the view but doesn't notice the pebbles, perhaps...?! (Talking seaside)

Esther Montgomery said...

I haven't had time recently but . . . I used to stencil things like clowns and cows round the skirting boards and print ants walking up the walls - and then see how many weeks it took my husband to notice they were there.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

A lovely idea ! And perfect for a man with a string collection .... unless you used some of said collection to make them ?