07 January 2011

twelfth night

I remembered only last night to decant the damson gin I made at the end of September.  Very good it is too, as are the gin-soaked damsons.  A small glass with the last slice of cake livened up the melancholy task of taking down the cards, the greenery and the decorations.  These last few days of the holidays after seeing in the New Year at least offered a gentle easing back into the routine of the everyday. Now there are things to be done, soups to be made, washing to be dried, budgets to be balanced, tears to be mended, hems to be sewn, space to be made in cupboards, outings to be planned.  A little more hare, a little less tortoise perhaps.


Rattling On said...

I always find it depressing to take down the tree, this year's was particularly nice and didn't drop any needles. However, I felt strangely free when it was done last night!

Felicity Ford said...

Our tree was a criminally apathetic effort this year; a branch of contorted hazel salvaged from one of the wood piles in the garden, decorated with the DIY decorations we made when I first met Mark's children.

But it was beautiful and its thrifty, entirely homemade charm grew on me immensely over the festive period.

Yesterday, I knocked it over while doing some random job in the living room; I didn't have time to deal with it then, so I just logged that it needed sorting out.

Fast forward to late in the evening; the plan was to go to the pub. "We shall tidy up the Christmas Tree and then go out" I announced, and then went off to do something else. Mark conceded that this was fine.

When I came in to sort out the tree with Mark a few seconds later, I discovered he had already tidied it away a few hours earlier, secretly. All done, just like that.

Not having to do it, and having Mark secretly deal with it made the taking down of the Christmas tree a SWEET TASK indeed!

But not, I'd warrant, as sweet as your fine Damson Gin... enjoy the efficient energies of the HARE; they are useful just now.


Liz said...

I've never tasted damson gin (G&T is as exotic as it gets here) and I'm beginning to wish I'd never tasted the Christmas cake as I can't sop eating it.

shandy said...

Ah, outings to be planned. After so long cosied up at home,how invigorating just to have normal life resume. I look forward to more enticing suggestions of places to visit on your blog.I