06 January 2011

another year

This newspaper cutting about Gilbert's White tortoise fell out of a book over the holidays:

"... it is a matter of wonder to find that Providence should bestow such a profusion of days, such a seeming waste of longevity, on a reptile that appears to relish it so little as to... be lost to all sensation for months together in the profoundest of slumbers.

While I was writing this letter, a moist and warm afternoon with the thermometer at 50 brought forth troops of shell-snails; and, at the same time, the tortoise heaved up the mould and put out its head; and the next morning came forth, as it were from the dead; and walked till four in the afternoon." (Gilbert White: The History of Selbourne, Penguin 1977)

I have not been particularly successful at achieving one of my resolutions, to get up earlier, but it's a little warmer today so I shall be venturing out myself.

And a Happy New Year to you too!


Val said...

I love Gilbert White :0)

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

Beautiful image in the paper. Beautiful writing.


Rattling On said...

My resolution was to use handcream at least daily. It's very difficult to make changes...

Shandy said...

During the snowed in phase we were so bored we began emptying the loft - so I guess that is our resolution.

Felix said...

I like the slow, bimbling tortoise and his gentle amble into the New Year!