09 December 2010

day 9::christmas pudding

To celebrate her birthday, my friend organised an event-filled day,  kicking off with the recording of a live TV show and ending up in the cellars of Gordon's Wine Bar.  In between there was a full English,  cocktails and a trip to the National Portrait Gallery to see the Taylor Wessing Photographic portraits (some fabulous photos of defiant looking women this year), all against the background of the distant chants of students protesting, helicopters buzzing constantly overhead and a deserted Embankment, blocked off to traffic. One of the more intoxicating elements was the Christmas Pudding cocktail, a mixture of drambuie (which I can't even think about without wanting to laugh) cherry brandy, and Guiness.  As Christmas Puddings go, it wasn't bad.

At home, I've stuck to a more traditional  recipe.


Rattling On said...

I couldn't have drunk that! I like Guinness, but the other ingredients....
Your day sounds wonderful, the NPG is one of my favourite places. I love portraits above most other genre, So fascinating to get a glimpse of someone frozen in time.

Esther Montgomery said...

An exciting, possibly frightening rather-not-drink-it birthday. How will you celebrate yours?


P.S. Hurray for the National Portrait Gallery.

colleen said...

Essther - If I'm lucky I'll be back at Aldeborough for a Christmas pudding ice cream!