09 December 2010

day 8:: holly

I realise that I have been somewhat unadventurous with my calendar this year, so much so that - apart from my outing to Bath -  I have hardly gone beyond the bounds of the neighbourhood.  I wondered where I might get my holly from this year -  local cemeteries (again), the tree in the square that the foxes play under, or the lovely avenue of hollies in Victoria Park I discovered last year.  Then I had a doh moment and realised that perhaps I could stay even closer to home and use the holly in my own garden.  It's a lovely lollipop shape and this year, surprisingly, there are still berries on it.  If we're lucky there may be enough to put on the Christmas pudding.

I'll try to be a little more adventurous in the next few days, but don't hold your breath.

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Rattling On said...

We have a lovely variegated holly tree but it doesn't have berries. The weather has made getting out difficult here as well, but it's sometimes interesting to stay close to home. I think it makes me more resourceful and I imagine what it was like for people in the past who didn't really travel unless it was necessary.