05 December 2010

day 5::hearts

On the train down to Bath, Lizzie showed me how to make Swedish hearts (another link here).  Without much by way of equipment, we decided to use some discarded newspapers.  When I looked at the photo I'd taken, I noticed we'd used a snippet from the financial pages that said Women Mean Business.

Heart it.


Esther Montgomery said...



Unknown said...

I loved to make these as a teenager. Especially in red and gold. Glue on a handle and you can hang it the Christmas tree.

If I remember correctly, the first woven paper heart is supposed to be made by H.C.Andersen.

Tone, Norway

Rattling On said...

They would look nice as bunting, in lots of colours.

Anonymous said...

great minds think alike.

i love it when you post every day. i pine when you do not.