18 December 2010

day 18:: christmas present

So here we are, the weekend before Christmas, time to put up the tree and the decorations.  John was despatched to cut greenery just as the snow started to settle, and then sent out again later for more.  We spent about 8 hours clearing the room, rearranging the furniture, polishing, swabbing and hoovering.  I had to have a cup of hot chocolate before the appointed hour to sustain myself.  By tea time, the snow was a few inches deep, the street was quiet, the recycled "tree" was re-positioned after its last appearance, the decorations hung, the lights switched on, and all was right with the world.


Liz said...

Have the decorations made you feel Christmassy? We did our tree last night as the Boy was complaining he lived in The House of Scrooge. I'm looking at it now and have spotted gaps so I'll have to attack again with a second packet of lametta.

colleen said...

Liz - I really dislike the run up to Christmas, hate teh frenzy, come out in a cold sweat iwhen I'm out shopping but once the tree is up and a carol service attended I feel peace descend. I have a minimalist tree this year, and to my surprise it's gone down better than expected.

Rattling On said...

I feel almost organised now the tree is up... which usually means something is wrong! One year I forgot to collect the turkey on Christmas Eve. I ran to the butcher's at around 6pm, just in case, and the lovely man was there waiting for me and another forgetful person.