18 December 2010

day 17:: christmas past

I spent yesterday morning at the Geffrye Museum.  It's become a bit of a tradition to go there to see their annual exhibition when the rooms are decorated for Christmas in the style of the period.  My favourite is the room from the mid 17th century with its oak walls and furniture,  decorations of green box and bay cuttings, and plaster sweetmeats on the table like the ones in that Beatrix Potter story where the mouse gets in a rage when she finds the delicious looking ham in the doll's house is fake (was it the Tale of Two bad Mice?).  It is all so restrained.  When I got home I thought it might be an idea to see what Samuel Pepys did for Christmas.  And what do I find? That he is feeling remorseful for having given his wife a black eye the Monday before, that's the day before he had it away on the quick with his friend's reluctant wife.  Charming, eh?


Rattling On said...

Ummmm, he was a real charmer! Love the look of that museum, and the descriptions you gave. I've never read Beatrix Potter so can't help you with the rodent problem.

colleen said...

The Geffrye is one of my favourite museums. It's all so civilised and the gardens looked lovely yesterday covered in snow and viewed from above. We weren't allowed out though.

I've just noticed a typo - there instead of their - but I've already gone back and amended this post about three times already!