14 December 2010

day 14: mince pies

I always try to hold off the mince pies as long as possible so I don't die of a surfeit before Boxing Day.  I had my first one last Friday, a gift from a friend.  This evening I sampled many more (WI Mince Pie Bake Off).  Mine, which I forgot to snap, were entirely unexceptional, though they did not look so very different from this one, in particular the similar deployment of icing sugar to mask imperfections.

Looking through the rest of the photos from the evening, I was struck by these mince pies of a rather different kind.   Ever so slightly alarming


Rattling On said...

Ha! I have a post for tomorrow you will have some sympathy with.
As for the other mince pies- that's the slightly stressed/spaced out look I'm sporting in the pre-Christmas melee right now!

Liz said...

Now you've reminded me of something else I haven't done.
As RO says, those deer in the headlights mince pies are very apt. (I must remember to keep blinking).